Melanglang Buana di Vietnam (Bagian 9: Welcome to Danang)

Finally I arrived in Danang, the bridges city. Bridges city? Because there are so many bridges here in Danang, four of the biggest brigdes are Han Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, and Dragon Bridge. The unique one is Dragon Bridge, the bridge holds a show every weekend at 9pm. What’s the show? I will show you later :). By the way the city is so clean, it looks like Singapore or Hong Kong in my opinion.






I was so hungry and looking for delicious and halal (at least it’s non pork) food in Danang. I found ‘Com Ga A.Hai’, located in 100 Thai Phien Street this restaurant serves chicken rice as their favorite menu. ‘Com Ga’ means chicken rice in Vietnamese, one portion of Com Ga costs 48.000 VND include soup. It looks like common food, but the rice, chicken, and soup are super delicious! (I ate this Com Ga day and night when I stayed in Danang, to be honest :p)


Com Ga


The soup

After that, I went to Asia Park the largest theme park in Danang. I just wanted to see Danang from above by Sun Wheel. There are so many attractions in here, but the visitors were just a few. So I had to wait until the minimum quota is fulfilled to ride each attraction, heff.


The night came, fortunately I was in Danang on Sunday so I could see the attraction in there. The attraction is just held every saturday and sunday at 9pm (you should come earlier, because the bridge will be closed at 08.30 pm)


There were sooo many people excited to watch dragon spits the fire, so crowded! When the time was coming, there’s a sound like pump on the bridge, and then.. BOOOM! the flame was spitted from its mouth, soooo BIG! Do not get to close to the dragon’s head, it’s so hot seriously! The dragon will spit the flame for two sessions, and there will be a shower after a session ends (watch out your camera and handphone also :)) )



That was my experience in Danang, I would go to the old beautiful city on the next post. Can you guess the name of that city? See ya on the next post!





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