Melanglang Buana di Vietnam (Bagian 10: The Old Gold Hoi An)

Recognised as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Hoi An Ancient Town is a must visit if you go to Da Nang. The city is full of history and old buildings, this should be a perfect destination for you the cityscape lover. It’s so easy and cheap to go there from Da Nang with yellow bus. It’s just take 40-60 minutes and costs around 50.000 VND, by the way the bus looks like Jakarta’s Metro Mini but this one is better. You can find the yellow bus around Le Duan Street, the bus will pass once in an hour.



View from the bus.

This city is so friendly for pedestrians and cyclists especially in the old town area. So, the first thing must to do in Hoi An is finding the bicycle rentals (around 100.000 VND / 24 hours). Go to Japanese Covered Bridge after that, there’s a ticket box to buy entrance ticket to the ancient town and 5 relics (120.000 VND). By buying that ticket you can go to 5 attractions in Hoi An such as Japanese Covered Bridge, Museum of Folk Culture, Phung Hung House, Traditional Theatre, and many more.



The entrance ticket.


Japanese Covered Bridge.




View from Phung Hung House.


2016-08-21-10.06.28-1.jpg.jpgDon’t forget to try the local snack. I tried the donut (I think it’s like Bagel), it’s sweet and lil a bit hard to be bitten. The other one is fried crab cakes, the taste is like ‘Bakwan Udang’ in Indonesia but it’s crunchier. The special things from this crab cakes are the crab’s type uses green sentinel crab, the flour is made from Cam Nam’s corn and rice near Thu Bon river. Try the local beverages also! I don’t know what’s the name but it contains grass jelly, nata de coco, soy pudding, and many more depends on what you like. So fresh and good in a hot day.





Cantonese Assembly Hall.



View of inside of Cantonese Assembly Hall.


2016-08-21-10.06.27-1.jpg.jpg2016-08-21-10.03.27-2.jpg.jpg2016-08-21-09.52.15-1.jpg.jpg2016-08-21-10.06.24-2.jpg.jpg2016-08-21-10.06.23-1.jpg.jpgDid you realize most of the buildings in Hoi An are yellow? Yeaaa because yellow respresents earth, happiness, wealth and prosperity for Vietnamese. The city became more yellow and beautiful at night because there were so many lanterns covered the city, it was so peaceful and romantic.






That was my experience in Hoi An, the old and gold in one. Hoi An easily stole my heart at the first sight, it’s so beautiful, peaceful, and romantic. By the way, I still have some stories that i have to tell to you on the next post, see ya!


5 responses to “Melanglang Buana di Vietnam (Bagian 10: The Old Gold Hoi An)

  1. SUPER SUKA sama tulisan Vietnam Trip nya. Berguna banget, dan bagus2 banget foto2 nya mas. Makin gak sabar pengen kesana, semoga bisa segera.. Mas boleh minta kontak nya gak buat nanya2? Kebetulan ada plan mau ke Vietnam Utara dan Selatan.. Thanks ya πŸ™‚


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